About the Internship Program

The Leadership Lorain County Internship Program (LLCIP) has provided local college students with internship opportunities for the past 10 years. The Summer Internship Program is designed to offer quality 10-week paid internships to local college students while providing our public service organizations with the energy, skills, and dedication that college students bring to these internships.

The vision of the Lorain County Internship Program is to provide college students with enhanced knowledge, appreciation, and dedication for Lorain County and its public service resources. The internship program will provide professional work experience and service opportunities that will result in a heightened sense of dedication to community involvement, whether professionally, personally or financially.

The mission of the Lorain County Internship Program is to encourage student involvement in public service through meaningful internship experiences, to enhance the leadership skills of and create County knowledge within participating interns, and to provide the public interest community with the dedication, skill, and energy that the interns bring to their work.

Agency Responsibilities:

  • Must be an organization in Lorain County.
  • The intern salary shall be $10.00 an hour.
  • The organization serves as the intern’s employer and provides workspace and all necessary supplies.
  • The organization will assure the intern to participate in 8 mandatory meetings conducted by Leadership Lorain County throughout the 10-week internship.
  • Supervise and mentor the student to encourage professional development.
  • Each organization will interview at least two students previously screened by Leadership Lorain County and the LLCIP selection committee.
  • Organizations submit intern selections to LLC for final approval and notification.
  • A representative from the organization MUST attend graduation for the program.

Project Description:

  • The internship will be ten weeks in length and 20 to 40 hours per week.
  • Key elements considered in making the selection include potential for decision making by the intern, autonomy, sense of completion and a high quality mentor/supervisor. All internships should reflect a professional work experience. Examples are cited on the attached past project sheet.
  • Internships should be an introduction to organizations in Lorain County and organizations should devote time each week to explore different facets of the their work environment.
  • Internships should be described in a thorough weekly work plan.

The Intern:

  • Has primary residency in Lorain County, has graduated from high school and has completed one year of college level work.
  • Attends 8 mandatory meetings sponsored by LLCIP/Leadership Lorain County during the ten-week project to learn more about our community, its resources and public service. Meetings are held during the workweek at a time determined by the Internship Coordinator. There will not be more than one meeting in any one week.
  • Will complete a portfolio highlighting the details of the internship. Portfolios are presented at the end of the 8 weeks.

For information please contact Jennifer at 440-366-4702 or email at jennifer@leadershiploraincounty.com

Internship Brochure


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